Friday, February 06, 2009

Broken shells

So thin the layer was, I shivered
So much that my teeth fell off
And I was turned into this old lady
I stared at myself in the mirror
Stared at this apparition
A shell of who I was once upon a time
I grew old
And saw the crack on the shell
All that I had left
Of this me... who was once more me than me...
The cracks frighten me...
But I am a realist
I have learnt to accept them
As mine own
As me... may be more me than I ever was...


vrinda said...

why the same titles for both the posts?

The Mind Bedouin said...

:::dear vrinda:::
heh heh... astute observation... to confess, i saw a picture the morning i wrote this, and i was inspired... :) i wrote this poem first... and then, it still felt incomplete.. so i wrote a story as a continuation of my inspirational streak! thats all... i wish there could have been more symbolic figurative explanations... but no... lol...